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Powerful Processing

Seros can create computers for your specific use case, enabling you to run any application all in your browser.

Cloud Storage

Downloading application on Seros won't take up any space on your computer because we store everything in the cloud.

Extreme efficiency

Seros uses far less battery than resource intensive applications because it uses a separate processor.

Fast Wifi

Users can download and upload files to and from their Seros computers at insane speeds of over 500Mbps.

Seros is making computers affordable

We launch a computer in your browser for a monthly subscription

We work with the leading companies in cloud computing

Seros is building the infrastructure for the next generation of personal computers. It's the first globally accessible way to get a new computer in your browser.

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We plan to lower the cost of personal computers by 90%

Our mobile app uses bluetooth to connect to a screen, streaming your personal computer anywhere. Contact us to join the beta testing program.

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7-day Trial

  • 5 hour base usage
  • 100GB high-speed storage
  • Blazing fast Wifi
  • Pay as you go usage
  • Slow processing
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  • 30 hour base usage
  • 100GB high-speed storage
  • Blazing fast Wifi
  • Pay as you go usage
  • Slow processing
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  • Select hours
  • Flexible storage
  • Any bandwidth
  • Preinstalled applications
  • Slow processing
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Reach out to explore enterprise pricing and see how Seros can work with you. We work with large organizations to build custom solutions that meet their needs.

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Preinstall any application

Seros leverages server image technology to give your users computers with all their applications already installed.

Stay flexible with hours

Organizations use Seros different amounts for different reasons. We'll work to only charge you for what you use.

Contact our team 24/7

Enterprise customers have access to round the clock support to handle any questions or concerns that arise.

Collect usage analytics

Access a custom analytics on how much different members of your organization are using Seros and set user-based limits.

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